Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture. Crating wood have been around for decades as mechanisms for shipping and storing larger items (among other things). Recently, however, crating have become much more than a once-and-done packaging piece. Most of all, they have become a useful resource in home decor and design.

We build creative, simplistic, rustic and modern furniture.

We don’t use pallets, we manufacture from the raw product.

Made Rustic Handmade Furniture offers genuine handmade custom furniture. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in fine craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service. We specialize in creating affordable custom tables and furniture. In addition, each of our pieces are built to suit our customer’s design aesthetic and room dimensions.


Selected products are advertised on the Made website (

The colour, texture and composition of products may vary from that on our website.

Some products are made from reclaimed and/or recycled materials and as a result will have markings, colour variations, scratches or dents.

These products may also have holes, nails and metal caps inconsistently visible on the finished product, because materials have been recycled or reclaimed from their original use. The characteristics mentioned are not defects or any signs of damage.